Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Sigh For Spring

Spring - she is coming...I can sense it, see it, feel it. She is just around the corner, peeking her head around the bend. She is shy, and not yet ready to be fully introduced, still I glance and my eyes don't waver.
I court her however I can - by nodding to the buds that are starting to appear in the treetops, by watching the air for the flutter of robin wings, that heartiest of spring birds who appear so quietly out of nowhere that you almost miss their arrival.
I court her by noticing the muddy ground that will no more embrace the heavy snowflakes of January, but lets them melt away into nothing, and all that remains is the soggy, russet earth.
Let her come as she pleases, in her way - the soft, graceful manner of her approach, for I will be ready when she comes calling, I will meet her at the door, invite her in to stay awhile, and give a sigh of relief and delight at her arrival.

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