Friday, February 5, 2010

Beautiful In Each Season

That which has been dormant will soon awaken,
And before too long, nature will sing its song of spring.
As time passes, and winter gives her baton to spring,
It amazes me again, how the same things look very different,
Yet so beautiful, in each season.

The mountains white with snow,
Slowly melting into the delicacy of spring,
Soft, purple warmth, and majesty,
Vibrant alpine colors uncommonly displayed.

The trees bared of all covering,
Budding, then full blossom and green growth,
Ending with a finale of color,
All the while pointing upward.

The skies; pale pink pastels,
Rich, blue, firmament, brimming with life,
Flocks, in formation patterns,
White, falling down as icy raindrops.

The oceans' quiet, broken by migrating whales,
Birds gather seaside for a dive and feast, below,
Smooth, as a mirror, calm, like a sea of glass,
Windy and tempestuous, as cold wrestles warm.

That which has been dormant will soon awaken~ ~

Copyright 2010, The Bookish Kind - All Rights Reserved

Photo Credits
Tim Coffey - Spring Nest
Bill Bonebrake - San Juan Mountain Range Behind Fall Foliage
John William Waterhouse - Miranda The Tempest


  1. Thanks so much - I am so ready for spring, even though I love each season!