Sunday, February 7, 2010

Captive Heart

Amazing true story!


  1. Hi dearest, I adore Emily Dickinson. I, too, have found more freedom, joy, and contentment by writing quietly in my room than in any other place. I count her as one of the few original talents, completely and totally following her own convictions about what was or was NOT the truly deep life. My copy of her collected works is dog-eared and much-loved. "My Wars Are Laid in Books" is an awesome biography, if you want to read more about her. My only consternation is that she didn't associate with more of her illustrous literary peers. I should have liked to know what she thought of others!

  2. Hi Meg,
    Thanks for your comment. I really learned a lot about Dickinson from the play. I will check into "My Wars Are Laid in Books" - it sounds like a good book, and I love recommendations.
    I have found that Dickinson's writings about nature have spoken to me, but I really do want to read more, and learn more about her life.

    Good to see you here! Anna