Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bloom Your Heart Out

Well, hello spring.

Glad you finally made it to my backdoor.

I love every single blossom you brought with you.

 Up close or far away, you are as lovely as ever.

Bloom your little heart out.

My Bronte Pen

My Bronte pen came this week and I am thrilled with it. I chose the Emily Bronte Pen and here it is in its black presentation case, along with a certificate of authentication from Haworth Church.

It also comes with a pamphlet that tells a little bit about the pen and the wood it was made from. Mine was made from wood taken from the old schoolroom and also Haworth Church.

It reads, "the lid of this pen is made from wood sourced from the old schoolroom, the teaching place of the Bronte's. The body of the pen is made from wood sourced from Haworth Church, the resting place of Emily and Charlotte Bronte."

There is also a short history included of Emily, the old schoolroom, and Haworth Church.

Here is what my pen looks like. I decided on the light wood since I liked the look of it the best. I love that a little piece of Haworth, Haworth Church, Emily, and the Bronte's in general, is safely tucked away in my home where I can take it out and touch it anytime I want to. It is a connection to the Brontes that is unique and memorable. The wood from the pen surrounded the sisters as they worshipped or taught, and now a very small piece of that is here with me. It's a connection I will cherish for a long time.

Photo by York and Beyond

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

you might...

Art by Mose Bianchi
you might wander quiet streets at night
you might pray to a sky full of stars
you might learn something from the hard times
you might smile through pain
you might fall and get back up
you might choose one path or another
you might be a hero
you might wonder the meaning of life
you might already know
you might stand tall and strong
you might be on your knees
you might cry in your pillow at night
you might wonder if goodness is gone
you might think that it has
you might forget for a moment that goodness abounds
you might be reminded it's here
whatever you might do, don't forget to remember to...,

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding."

  Proverbs 3:5,6

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Thorn With Roses

Do you ever hold,
What is holding you back,
Tightly to yourself?
You want to let go, but cannot.
It hurts to hold it close,
It hurts to let it go.
It seemed to be what you wanted,
When you reached for it,
And brought it into your heart,
But now it's a thorn in your side,
Even in it's beauty.
'A thorn with roses'
And that's what you feel you are.
Sometimes the rose,
Sometimes the thorn.
The beauty and the beast in one. 
But never only one without the other.
You realize it is yourself,
Holding yourself back.
Only you can let it go,
But you can't or don't want to. 
Fear takes over for you.
You don't know how to begin.
It only takes one step,
No matter how small.
It only takes practice,
And soon you will see,
It hurts to hold it close,
But you gain freedom,
When you can finally let it go.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

She Fled the Garden For the Tower

 "I fled the garden for the tower,
 ...and I had been hiding behind these stones.
Thought I'd be well enough alone"

by PJ Lynch
"Then you came nearer,
You held the mirror,
I saw myself there in your eyes"

Words - © 2002 Mighty Grey Music/Lil' Yella House Music/
Dayspring Music, LLC (BMI)

Written by Christine Dente, "Becoming" 

I have quoted this song before, but really, it's one of my favorites and reminds me of the Lady of Shalott in her tower. There are many meanings to the song, but the beautiful words fit her story and fit with these Shalott paintings, I just couldn't resist putting them together. Thought I had exhausted all of the art for Shalott, but I just keep finding more, thankfully.

Friday, April 5, 2013

What's All the Fuss Over a Pen?

The Bronte Blog has posted about some Bronte-related pens that are available for purchase.

So what's all the fuss over some handmade wooden pens, you say? I'll try to explain without jumping out of my seat -- There are three pens available to buy, each one named for one of the sisters. Henceforth, the "Charlotte Bronte Pen" / the "Emily Bronte Pen" / and the "Anne Bronte Pen."

The pens are made with wood taken from either Haworth Parish Church, where Emily and Charlotte are both buried, taken from a church pew, or wood from the schoolroom where the sister's famously taught their pupils (wood taken from a window sill).

I have already secured one of the pens for myself, and I wonder if you can guess which one I chose. It was a hard choice, but I finally decided on one. I wish I could have justified one of each, but I couldn't. When my pen arrives, I'll share with you which one I got. I'll leave comments on if you want to be brave and guess what I chose.

These pens are limited, of course, when they are gone they are gone. If you love the Bronte's and want a connection to their past you might want to check them out before they disappear. You'll find them at YorkandBeyond.