Monday, March 1, 2010

She's Back!

Alice is back - and I am looking forward to seeing her this weekend, perhaps, or very soon after.

Here are some beautiful, old book illustrations to celebrate her return.

Several of these images were obtained at this site, please check it out!
Public Domain Images


  1. I loved Alice's first song in the Disney version, when she's all daydreamy in the field of daisies. Such a whimsical story, full of adventure and strange creatures. It's so funny how she always says: "Goodness!" If I understand it correctly, this film has Alice a bit older and she's returned to Wonderland not remembering her first visit. A treat for the literary eye and heart!

  2. You are right, the new version shows an older Alice who goes back to Wonderland.
    Did you see the new post about the Alice tag swap? One of the blogs I follow made some beautiful tags for the swap, and I loved them so much, I posted another blog on Alice :)
    So tempted to make some tags, even if I don't do the swap...