Friday, March 26, 2010

Wikipedia Meets Random House

I came across an interesting website called Librivox. The way it works is that anyone can narrate, and then submit as an audio file, any book that is in the public domain, to their site. Many Librivox free audio books are available at Audio Owl.
As a listener, something to be aware of is that some of the audio file quality is not as good as you might hope, but overall, it looks like fun, sort of a Wikipedia meets Random House kind of thing!

I have linked several here, but there are many more available:

Listen to Anne of Green Gables

Listen to Through The Looking Glass
Listen to Jane Eyre
Listen To North & South
Listen to Tess of the d'Urbervilles
Listen to Custom of the Country
Listen to The Watson's (by Jane Austen)
Listen to Agnes Grey
Listen to Portrait of a Lady
Listen to The Mayor of Casterbridge


  1. Wow, that's interesting. I hope people create more inventive sites like that.

  2. I like it because anyone can read their favorite, and it makes classic books available to people who may not read them on their own.