Thursday, March 4, 2010

Celebrating Sisterhood

The Bennet sisters, from Pride & PrejudiceSisterhood is powerful.
-- Robin Morgan

The Dashwood Sisters, from "Sense & Sensibility"

The Fairlie sisters, from "The Woman in White"
The Gibson Sisters, from "Wives and Daughters"

Hetty and Olivia King, from "Road to Avonlea"
The March Sisters, from "Little Women"
Help one another, is part of the religion of sisterhood. ~Louisa May Alcott

The Linley Sisters by Thomas GainsboroughThe Frankland Sisters by John Hoppner

To quote Jo from "Little Women," "I love my sisters!"


  1. Yes, sisters are amazing. I have one myself, younger than I, with blond hair and blue eyes, and she's more mature than I've ever been! haha I think my favorite are the Dashwood sisters and the March sisters. The March sisters, for obvious reasons (I was named Meg!), and the Dashwood sisters since even though they are nearly opposite (like my sister and I), they love each other dearly.

  2. When I take that "Which Jane Austen Character are you? quiz that I've seen up on several sites, I always get "You Are Elinor Dashwood" - every time,
    so I also love 'The Dashwood sisters.'
    Meg - after Meg March, how wonderful!

  3. I get 'Lizzie Bennett' - that's me in a nutshell. I even married my own grumpy/smart tall Darcy-type guy. He gets cranky when he's over-tired and I quiet him with jokes. We're a funny pair and always win at pub trivia night.

    My mother says she should have named me Jo, since I'm not really like Meg March at all. Ah, well. Such is the topsy-turvy life of gals born in the wrong era ...

  4. So, a Jo March, named Meg, married to Mr it!
    And yes, I was born in the wrong era, too!