Saturday, December 26, 2009

A New Year of Reading

This year, I had great intentions of reading 50 books, after seeing a challenge online somewhere for "Read 50 Books in 2009". A great goal to strive for, but not realistic for me since I am very busy with other things.

So, for 2010 I have a new goal, - going for quality, detail, and content, rather than quantity, in my book choices. I want to dive deep into the books and authors I choose, and not worry about how many books I've read so far. I like book challenges, I really do - I think they are great at motivating people to, well, read, but they can also make you feel guilty if you don't make the goal, and you end up reading books just to add them numerically to your total!

I plan to read an author, or two or three, so to speak...meaning I'll spend the year, or some months, reading everything from a specific author(s) of my choice. I've not made up my mind completely, but so far my list choices look like this - Sylvia Plath, George MacDonald, and Tasha Tudor.

Happy reading in 2010!


  1. That's quite a challenge you have set for yourself there! I wish you great luck with it! I know you will share with us how you are doing!

  2. Marie,
    Thanks for your comment - I am looking forward to the challenge and learning about one, (or all), of those on my "list"

  3. I highly recommend Phantastes by George MacDonald. It's a wonderful journey. I've not ready any Sylvia Plath or Tasha Tudor. I'll be interested what their books are like if you decide to read their work. Looking forward to seeing how your reading project develops. Have fun!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I have heard several people mention MacDonald so he must be good!
    I'll be heading to the library on Monday to check out Plath. It begins! :)

  5. Willa Cather is the author I've been reading this year. I recommend her works.