Sunday, December 6, 2009

Masterpiece Classic Preview

Here is PBS's Preview of the new Masterpiece Classic season

You can see the complete 2010 season of Masterpiece Classic listed on the sidebar - go there for dates and listing of all the films that will air on PBS, starting in January through the end of April.

I am thrilled with their choices this year. A wide variety of adaptations, including one about Anne Frank I have been eagerly awaiting. The Cranford and Emma films are very typically Masterpiece-ish, which is a nice thing, and they are repeating nearly all of last years, or was it the years before that, Jane Austen season. A second chance to watch, or perhaps record, the ones you missed.

The 39 Steps looks interesting and a bit of a departure from Masterpiece's normal fare, which is good because it stirs things up a bit, and makes the season more interesting. Sharpe's Peril and Sharpe's Challenge I know nothing about, but they seem to be the swashbuckleling/adventurish type thing I usually avoid. But I will be watching and hope I am wrong!

Finally, Small Island, starring Ruth Wilson, looks interesting and a slightly different storyline than is typical. It will be nice to see her in something new after 2006's delightful Jane Eyre.

I am really pleased at the variety of films, Britcoms, and other UK shows that PBS has been offering lately. Support your local station - I pledge to do the same!

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