Monday, December 28, 2009

The 2010 Bronte Challenge

You might know I have a slight obsession with the Brontes. I just read about The Bronte Challenge on another blog, and it's one I cannot pass up, mainly because I'll be doing what's required anyway, so why not join in the fun!

The requirements are to watch or read 3-6 Bronte-related books, films, documentaries, etc, from January 1-June 30, and to list them on your blog - easy enough. Can there be extra credit for this? This is not torture, trust me!

1-Read the new book "Becoming Jane Eyre"
2-Re-watch the Timothy Dalton version of Jane Eyre
3-Re-watch the documentary on the Brontes called "Bronte Country"


  1. Great list! I'm going to read Becoming Jane Eyre as well. I have fond memories of watching the Timothy Dalton version of Jane Eyre with my best friend when we were teens. Our favorite line, Rochester about Blanche, "She's a strapper. A real strapper." We laughed for a long time. Maybe you had to be there! Bronte Country sounds interesting. I may have to look for it.

    Thanks for joining the challenge!


  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for doing the challenge!
    Timothy Dalton was a great Rochester and yes, that is a good line! :)
    Bronte Country is a favorite of mine, you'll love it!

    Bookish Kind

  3. This will be super-easy! I know we'll have a great time doing it. I named my pug Jane Eyre - she's little, plain, and very opinionated! haha. I like the Timothy Dalton Jane Eyre, but I actually thought Jane was too pretty. Samantha Morton and Ruth Wilson are my favorite Janes. Have a wonderfully happy bookish new year dearie!

  4. Love that your dog is "opinionated, little, and plain" - her name suits her!
    I also love the Dalton/Clarke version, second only to Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson.