Saturday, March 7, 2015

Imperfection (mine not yours)

imperfection (mine not yours)

at first glance all I see 
is all your imperfection
staring back at me
you might call it foolish
it is nothing that was planned
and eschewing even just the thought
would make a better man
i fully realize that all you've
shown to me is magnified
a million times back
what you must see in me~

(why does man see the imperfections in others so readily instead of
the beautifulness that each one of us is. ...the man begging with his sign,
the chubby girl walking past, the ugly man with his head down. they are
us and we are them. all of us the same, brothers and sisters.
i want nothing but LOVE to shine through from me, ...simple love shining
right back on you. my light may be small, but it's growing)~