Sunday, March 22, 2015

Anne Shirley and Diana Barry

I love it when art reminds me of literature. This one, by John Singer Sargent, reminds me of Anne Shirley and Diana Barry ~ (from Anne of Green Gables, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery). Anne is one of my most favorite book heroines, I just love her. I bet it's been twenty or more years since I first read all of the Anne books. My favorites are "Anne of Green Gables", "Anne of the Island", and "Anne's House of Dreams". I really should re-read them. If you've never read them before , I encourage you to, ...they tell a beautiful story. You might just gain a "kindred spirit."


  1. Goodness, that really could be a painting of them. Right down to Anne girl's short, cute nose.

    True kindred spirits are rare and wonderful, and are found in unexpected places and unexpected people... it's always a thrill to find one, like finding a rare woodland flower.

  2. I'm glad you see it too! I really need to revisit the anne-books, it's been way too long ~