Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little Adventures - Backyard and Otherwise

The backyard lilacs have already begun fading. Their lifespan is so short yet so perfect with their lush perfume and bright lavender flowers. Before they faded, I was able to get some pictures of their simple and timeless beauty.

This time next year, I will watch for them before they go quietly into the sunset of another spring.

Happily, other things in the yard are not as short lived. But you still have to step outdoors or you'll miss them.  For instance, lately we have received an early morning visit from a kitty called Dewey (after the Dewey Decimal System). One of his humans is a librarian which explains the name. He is still a little bit shy and not ready to come down from his fence perch when we are outside, but I am hoping he will eventually.

The winds also carry on as if by cue, and today pigeons were seen flying overhead in the wild skies, which is a first time occurrence around here, at least for me. 

As much as I love the backyard though, I am itching to venture out a little when June gets here. So hopefully I'll have a little adventure to share about sometime soon. Keep in mind that I said little adventure, won't be the Redwood Forest or anything like that, unfortunately. But it's time to seek out some different skies for a little while. Who knows what it will be, even I don't right now. I will find something perfect and share when I can.