Monday, May 13, 2013

A Fortnight of Spring Winds

Give me spring and give me wind.
A few days ago was a perfect spring wind, almost warm in the sunshine.

This spring wind brought out two hawks from the tall trees just like they always do, hawks that like to play in the windy currents, ... and one calls to the other to say they have found the prime spot to ride the wind, the other answers by calling and joining his partner, ...all just over my head and so close that I can see their feathered patterns and hear each call they make, ...ten shrill calls to each other, five each back and forth sounding exactly the same as the one before, and lovely to my listening ears. I wish I could join both of them in their thrilling dives and soaring dances that they leave their nests for each time the wind blows hard.

Spring winds bring me out of the house too, there is no way to resist them. The tall trees seem to join hands in dancing to the windy display... those cut out paper people who hold paper hands..., 
...still trees, but in a different form of paper trees, 
...holding hands in a dance for the sheer joy.

My breath is caught up with the gusts that are impossible to walk away from, and I find myself glued to the backyard watching the sky like a movie, eyes drawn to each new scene that plays before me. This spring wind display happens off and on for a good fortnight falling somewhere in the days of May and June, and there is nothing like it.

The currents await me. Joy.