Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warmed By Christmas

This photo shows a still from one of my favorite movies, "You've Got Mail," that reminds me of Christmastime - such a cozy little shop, all decked out for Christmas.

I love the spirit of Christmas. The lights, parties, and music, (don't get me started on the music!). Sipping eggnog, or reaching for a mug of hot chocolate. Crunching candy canes and getting them stuck in your teeth. Following traditions that were started a generation ago.

And giving. Not so much the giving of expensive gifts, but rather finding or making something you know will be meaningful to someone, really showing them you know them by a thoughtful gift choice.

It's a contageous thing, this spirit of Christmas. It's in the air right now, as you breathe in the evergreen, or are bodily warmed by a cup of steaming wassail. It's as simple as a taste of trifle or fruitcake, slicing an orange or cutting a pomegranite, or trimming the tree with ornaments you have not seen since last year. It's real and it's now.

Carol by Marty McCall/Vickie McCall
candle in the window, cider in the bowl
holly in the garland, joyful songs of old
come hear the ringing of the bells
come join the dancing in the halls
sing now the season has begun
come celebrate the birth of the Holy One


  1. Great movie! It's kind of the sequel to Sleepless in Seattle, which is another classic film that takes place during Christmas time. Both of those Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movies make me think of Christmas. And yeah, that little book shop in "You've Got Mail" was great. When I think of that movie, one of the first things I remember is that little shop. It is practically a character in the movie.

  2. Love that! It is a character. In my heart of hearts, that's what I'd love to do...own a sweet little book shop. maybe someday~