Friday, December 10, 2010

Crimson Sleeps Under Layers of Cold

I can't help but think of roses, even as we approach the official start of winter. I must dream about them at night, and when day comes, the thought lingers on. So lovely under a blanket of snow and ice. Little petals of crimson that sleep under layers of cold. They must be dreaming, too.


  1. Oh wow...what a photograph! I've never seen anything like that. I agree though, somehow roses and winter go together...perhaps it's the deep crimson and bright redness of many roses that suggest the many bright shades of red we see in winter...from Christmas lights to holly berries in wreaths to Rudolph's nose to wrapping paper to the red of firelight in the hearth (and of course the unearthly red of winter sunsets...winter sunsets seem to burn so bright!) If you've ever seen the movie Phantom of the Opera, there is this unforgettable scene where the Phantom lays a rose down in the snow...and that image has haunted my thoughts ever since. There's something beautiful about a rose being surrounded by such perfect white.