Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lady in Green

lady in green we see that you pine
for that you desire shall not be thine
let not your heart heavy with gloom
shatter your sweetness and youthful bloom
gather up courage as you gather your gown
love once lost will not remain forever unfound
I got the idea for this post from Meg at Book Kingdom. She writes beautiful captions to art there, as well as her own original books and stories.
I am not sure if anyone will take me up on this or not, but I would love to see your words, your caption for this artwork. Any takers?

Artwork is by Frederic Leighton.


  1. My dear lady in green,
    Why has your countenance fallen?
    Has the sea as green as your garments,
    Taken your love from you? Did his dying breath vanish beneath the ocean?
    My dear lady in green,
    Why with such sadness, do you wear the verdant Spring?
    And yet stare with the shadows of December,
    With eyes that will never again sing?
    My dear lady in green.

  2. Oh, dearie, I love this. :) Such a sad face on such a pretty lady ...

    He couldn't decide
    If he wanted a bride ...
    So I said good-bye
    With a departing sigh.
    ~ Meg North

  3. She stands: a lady on a stair,
    Crowned with coronet of hair,
    Jeweled with light and flowers fair.

    green-gowned in velvet strides the hall,
    Of all she sees the mistress: all,
    And many a heart besides, her thrall.

    She stands: a woman on a stair,
    A woman's heart in calm despair
    Beats with woman's passion there.

    With gathered train she steels her will-
    Though tears afresh her dark eyes fill,
    She takes up Fate, a lady still.