Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book Share Friday's

This series of posts has now ended.

I want to try a post at least one Friday a month, where I share a new book discovery I have made. The book choices will not be limited to a classic author or literature, they might be anything at all, and I may or may not have already read them. Below is a list of all the books.

List of Books:

Literary England - Richard Wilcox
The Poet at the Breakfast Table - Oliver Wendell Holmes
High Life in Verdopolis - Charlotte Bronte
The Immense Journey
- Loren Eiseley
My Love Affair With England
- Susan Allen Toth
The Language of Flowers - Margaret Pickston
Charlotte Bronte: The Self Conceived - Helene Moglen
Introvert Calendar - Meg North
Shaggy Muses - Maureen Adams
Cottage Poems
- Patrick Bronte
Too Many To Mourn - James and Rowena Mahar
Must Have Done Something Good - Cheryl Corey
Cricket on the Hearth - Charles Dickens

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