Sunday, January 17, 2010

Willa Cather...A Lady

My latest thrift find yesterday was a book by Willa Cather called, "A Lost Lady." Interesting, because I am currently reading "My Antonia," also by Cather. So it turns out that Plath is not my cup of tea, (too depressing), but rather Willa Cather is my first author read of the year. I plan on reading "Death Comes For The Archbishop" next, (I have always loved that title).

A listing of her novels (from Wikipedia):

* Alexander's Bridge (1912)
* "The Prairie Trilogy":
o O Pioneers! (1913)
o The Song of the Lark (1915)
o My √Āntonia (1918)
* One of Ours (1922)
* A Lost Lady (1923)
* The Professor's House (1925)
* My Mortal Enemy (1926)
* Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927)
* Shadows on the Rock (1931)
* Lucy Gayheart (1935)
* Sapphira and the Slave Girl (1940)

Here are a few links about her:
Willa Cather Foundation
Willa Cather Archive
American Masters - buy it here
Willa Cather Page

I looked up "A Lost Lady" on IMDb, and indeed there is a film about it, actually two films, one starring Barbara Stanwick.

Here is a listing of films about her works (from IMDb):

# The Song of the Lark (2001) (TV) (novel)
# My Antonia (1995) (TV) (novel "My Antonia")
# Spring Awakening (1994) (TV) (short story "Resurrection")
# O Pioneers! (1992) (TV) (novel)
# O Pioneers! (1991) (TV) (novel)
# Jack-a-boy (1980) (story)
# Paul's Case (1980) (TV) (story)
# A Lost Lady (1934) (novel)
... aka Courageous (UK)
# A Lost Lady (1924) (novel)

Finally, here is a beautiful "book trailer" that someone has posted on youtube for "My Antonia," (pronounced Ann-toe-knee-a). Enjoy.

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