Monday, January 4, 2010


I will endure January because I have to.
The snow outside is not the soft, light snow of December.
It is hard, and crunchy,...frozen.
Soon the haze of January will blanket the sky and trap in the city pollution.
For days and days.
I will endure it because I have to.
I will endure it because even January has it's beauty

And each day that passes takes me as far away from January as can be.
Until next year. And next year, I will endure it because I have to.


  1. Haunting. It captures the soul's plight during the valleys and bleak midwinters that life brings - both literal in wearisome weather, but also deeper things. Very nice.

  2. Thanks for your comment Alpha Otter. We all experience "January" in many ways, but January never lasts forever, it's allowed it's time, then goes away - thank goodness!