Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bramwell 5 Part Series

"The first episode of the Bramwell series debuted on Masterpiece Theatre in April of 1996. Since that time, the life and loves of the unconventional Dr. Eleanor Bramwell in Victorian London have amazed, engaged, and, occasionally, dismayed us. Herewith, a definitive overview of each episode of each of the previous five series which have appeared on Masterpiece Theatre.

Bramwell, Series I

Young Dr. Eleanor Bramwell is caring, talented, and passionate about medicine -- yet the doctor is barely tolerated by the medical establishment. In 1895 a woman was not expected to display new ideas, boundless energy, and a driving ambition to become a leading surgeon. With the odds stacked against her, Eleanor is determined to pursue her dream. But is society ready for Eleanor?

Bramwell, Series II
Dr. Eleanor Bramwell continues to devote her hard-won medical skills to the poor in London's East End.

Bramwell, Series III

Set in upper-class Victorian London, another series following the struggles of Eleanor Bramwell as she endeavors to become one of England's first women doctors and to provide medical care for the poor.

Bramwell, Series IV
Jemma Redgrave returns as Dr. Eleanor Bramwell pursues public health and private amours, more adventures in turn-of-the-century London.

Bramwell, Series V
Bramwell is back with four new episodes in the lovelorn life of Dr. Eleanor Bramwell, the public health heroine of 1890s London and her society doctor dad, Dr. Robert Bramwell. Eleanor's treacherous fiancé, Dr. Finn O'Neill, is also back--briefly--along with the stalwart gang at the Thrift Free Infirmary for the Deserving Poor."

(from Masterpiece Theater) For a complete episode listing, go here.

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