Sunday, September 20, 2009

Abroad In Britain - Salisbury Cathedral

Jonathan Meades did a documentary in 1990 for BBC2 called "Abroad In Britain." In the series, he sets out to take a look at various places in Great Britain. "Further Abroad" followed in 1994, and "Even Further Abroad" in 1996. In 2005, he reprized the series with "Abroad Again In Britain," and "Abroad Again," in 2007.

Below is the 2005 visit to Salisbury Cathedral. It is presented in six parts. I've searched for DVDs of the series on Amazon, but sadly found none. If you go to UK Amazon, however, there is a DVD called, "The Jonathan Meades Collection" that has samplings from some of the series. This is a UK dvd, not playable on US only DVD players.

Jonathan Meades TV Works (from Wikipedia):

TV works
* The Victorian House (1986) Channel 4
* Abroad in Britain with Jonathan Meades (1990) BBC Two
* Further Abroad with Jonathan Meades (1994) BBC Two
* Jerry Building — Unholy Relics of the Third Reich (1994) BBC Two
* Without Walls: J'Accuse — Vegetarians (1995) Channel 4
* Even Further Abroad with Jonathan Meades (1996) BBC Two
* Heart By-Pass, Jonathan Meades in Birmingham (1998) BBC Two
* Travels with Pevsner (1998) BBC Two
* Queen Victoria died in 1901 but is alive and well today! (2001) BBC Two
* Surrealism (2001) BBC Knowledge
* Pevsner Revisited (2001) BBC Four
* Meades Eats (2003) BBC Four
* Abroad Again in Britain (2005) BBC Four
* Joe Building: The Stalin Memorial Lecture (2006) BBC Four
* Abroad Again (2007) BBC Two
* Jonathan Meades: Magnetic North (2008) BBC Four
* Jonathan Meades: Off Kilter (2009) BBC Four

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