Friday, April 23, 2010

Lately Forgotten

"Pride and Prejudice," and "Jane Eyre" - two of my favorite books. Some of my favorite movie adaptations are about these two literature gems - I adore them! I wonder though, just how many film versions of one particular novel one actually watches before you say - enough! (It may actually be never!)

However, I would love to see some of the lesser known literature that is always overlooked in favor of Austen and Charlotte Bronte, come to fruition. Here are some I would choose:

1. Anne Bronte's "Agnes Grey." Let's give the third Bronte sister a film adaptation, for goodness sake!

2. Charlotte Bronte's "Villette" or "The Professor." Charlotte wrote other novels, too, I would love to see one, or all of them, on film.

3. An updated version of Henry James "The Europeans." This is such a great story, but overlooked.

4. Lucy Maud Montgomery's "Anne's House of Dreams." If Kevin Sullivan could recapture the magic of his first two Anne movies, "House of Dreams" would be the one to do it with. We all pretend the third Anne film was never made anyway. If done right, "House of Dreams" could bring the story altogether and tie things up as they always should have been - romatically and Anne-like.

5. A good version of any of the Willa Cather Stories, such as, "A Lost Lady," "Neighbor Rosicky," or "Death Comes For the Archbishop."

6. "Custom of the Country," by Edith Wharton. Or anything by Wharton. She is lately forgotten when it's time for adaptations, with the lovely exceptions of, "House of Mirth," "Age of Innocence," and "Ethan Frome."

7. Anything from Edgar Allan Poe.

8. "The Woman in White," by Wilkie Collins. I enjoyed the Justine Waddell version, but it doesn't do the book justice.

9. "The Yellow Wallpaper," by Charlotte Perkins Gillman. Happily, this one is coming true!

10. One of Louisa May Alcott's many stories - any of them that don't have "little" in the title! Although I love those, too.

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