Friday, April 9, 2010

The Diary of Anne Frank

From PBS:

The Diary of Anne Frank
April 11, 2010 on PBS
(check local listings)

A Jewish teenager hiding from the Nazis pours out her heart to the only
true friend she has left: her diary. MASTERPIECE CLASSIC presents The
Diary of Anne Frank, the most accurate-ever adaptation of one of the
world's most widely read memoirs. Adapted by Deborah Moggach (Pride and
Prejudice starring Keira Knightley), and starring newcomer Ellie
Kendrick (An Education) as Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank premieres
on Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 11, 2010.

* Visit Masterpiece Online for more on Anne Frank

- Twitter Event: Join other Masterpiece fans online during the
premiere broadcast

- Watch Online: See the program in its entirety starting April 12,

- Audio Slideshow: Star Ellie Kendrick on portraying Anne Frank

- Video Q&A: Frank's last living relative remembers Anne

- Screenwriter Interview: Deborah Moggach on her unique adaptation

- Resources: Find out more about Anne Frank and her legacy

* Masterpiece Video Diary Project
MASTERPIECE and the WGBH Lab invite you to express yourself on video.
Submit your diary (up to 3 minutes) about your life, how you've been
bullied or disrespected for what you think or believe. (The
MASTERPIECE Video Diary Project is funded by the Corporation for
Public Broadcasting.)

Learn more about The Diary of Anne Frank by visiting this program's
companion website:

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