Saturday, March 17, 2018

Listening - A Sound Feast

The spring awakening is happening to all senses, not only the visual ones which I crave so ardently, after a long wintery sabbatical. A sabbatical that I am always reluctant to make, but of course, there is no choice in the matter.
This morning, I am listening to crow chatter outside from the little white house. They were in sight earlier this week when I spied them out during the days once or twice. One spreading his wings wide and strong, then landing on a high post above, right in front of me. They are quite large birds and it was a pretty sight for my nature-seeking eyes. But today, it is a sound feast for listening ears, and I am eager to hear the caws that sonically make their way to my little ears. The sabbatical is waning and almost over. Definitely heaven sent.
Photo by Mary Liz Ingram