Saturday, January 28, 2017

Living in a Pastel World

Breaths come in cold, and go out pale and still. Frozen for a snap shop moment, then turning invisible. Looking up to the sky, her face is brushed with cold air as she breathes in and out, a pattern of white and pale repeats.
Living in a pastel world too long, she looks around with disdain. The roads have been icy just one too many times, the haze covers her view, hiding the natural beauty that surrounds her. Will this end soon enough for her before she goes stir-crazy?
Just then, she makes her way in the parking lot, suddenly turns, and is face to face with a quartet of winter birds, sitting in a circle feasting on birdseed that someone has dropped there for them. A winter miracle right before her eyes, no need to even look up. Beautiful. 
The crunch of the snow on the road is growing weary and old. But right nearby on the road, there is a little shed, colored a pale turquoise and covered in white frozen wonderland. Again it's beautiful.
Reminding her to love this time where she can. To get through it and appreciate the pretty little things that come only this time of year. She will try.