Friday, July 8, 2016

Reverie is a Word

Reverie is a word that introverts know well. It might as well be called respite. Whatever you call it, I need a lot of it. Those quiet moments, or even hours, where all is still and silent. Thoughts come in and go out as they may, ...some you remember, others drift slowly away.

Reverie is a gift, a way to clear out the cobwebs, to hear your own thoughts you didn't even know existed a moment before, to listen to nature and what it has to say.

Reverie is a time for yourself. It might be a moment or an hour. It might be all you need to recover from the tiring stretches of daily life. It helps you get back out there.

On a day like today my heart is bound a little less
To the tired and tiring vanities of life
Like a butterfly emerging, struggling to be free
I feel the lift, I sense the give it takes
To send me flying from this earthy place
~Christine Dente, Good-Bye~