Sunday, August 30, 2015


What do you do with all of those extra falling apart shabby books that you have lying around? 

Open the book, 
take one page out. 
Gather words, 
Make a poem.

I am having fun creating some "found poems" from some of my old books. Still trying to figure this out and I am not quite sure if these are good or not. But so far, I've come up with two poems. Poemtry as I call them.

"The garden had fallen still,
Quiet and light,
Pale and quivering.
Dreaming of the air,
And morning."

and this one:

"Love, words, all those things
Warm her wild nest.
Faith, soul, body,
Catch the breath."

It's quite fun to gather the words and see what jumps out at you as you find the hidden poem on the page. Love my words.