Saturday, January 17, 2015

We Look From Somewhere

I like the idea of windows, as I've mentioned here before, and how they allow the soul to seek, to connect, to expand. Anne Shirley started communicating with her "window-friend"  when she was alone at the orphanage, to keep her wits, and to stay connected to the world that she felt she was disappearing from. 
Her window-friend helped hold things together for her.
Windows can also be good for inside kitties that must keep indoors, but who find outside kitten friends through the window, and then have staring contest sessions during the day. This reminds me of a darling kitten who wants to be outside so badly, but has to settle for his "window friends" that he sees outside. Thank goodness for these windows.
Windows in recent memory have turned into something more of reverie and thinking as they allow you a space in which you can ponder upon the little things that cloud your mind, or contemplate the rain and give your words to the sky. I'd love to have these cloister windows as friends and love the thought of what they might say if only could they speak ...
The wonder of the eyes and the soul, starts with gazing, seeking, looking, and we look from somewhere - wherever we are at the moment. I hope I never stop looking because the bend comes, the wind stirs something in, and the next thing you know, 
your dreams have become real, if only in your heart.