Sunday, November 9, 2014



Life used to be a breeze

A sigh,

A petal on the wind

Gone by,

Blowing in the noonday sky

Was where you would find me

But times have changed

I'm not sure when

Or how

It happened

To me now,

These storms have stirred up

Misunderstanding around me

A word was whispered

In my ear

It's been awhile

Maybe years

And now the wall between us

Stands and no one says a thing

I'm not quite sure

What happened then

Or who it was

Who first changed skin

Now you seem to me to be

Stepping away even more

Since you've changed

Towards me

Can you expect I will

Not see

And not change too

After all I'm only human

And feeling small

I only wish that things

Could be

Mended and bridged

Between you and me

It doesn't matter what I do

You scorn each branch I offer you

Now it ends and now you see

The wall is only yours to free

We all build up walls and have misunderstandings
And it's really a part of life's ups and downs.
It's nice when you find the exact right words
To say to a friend that share how you feel
About the walls. At least that's how
It happened for me here.