Friday, February 28, 2014

Dave the Potter

He is known as Dave the Potter, Dave the Slave, or just Dave.
He lived in Edgefield, South Carolina before the Civil War as a slave.
He was a talented potter and poet.
His words and life's work still stand today.

Dave the Potter: by Laban Carrick Hill
I am fascinated by his life and how he made an impact.
To know of a life that was lived so long ago is amazing.
I would love to own one of his pieces.

Here are some of his poems and pottery.
There is also a children's book about him.
He lived and mattered, just as all of us do.
I might just have a new hero to add to my list.

This noble jar will hold 20

Fill it with silver 
Then you'll have plenty

8 April, 1858

The sun, moon and – stars

in the west are plenty of – bears

29 July 1858
 To us
it is just dirt,
the ground we walk on...
But to Dave
it was clay,
the plain and basic stuff
upon which he formed a life
as a slave nearly 200 years ago.
Ask Pottery dot com

I wonder where is all my relations
Friendship to all – and every nation
16 August 1857

Quote by Laban Carrack Hill

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