Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Message of Christmas

 Are you far away from home,
This dark and lonely night.
Tell me what best would help to ease your mind.
Someone to give direction for this unfamiliar road,
Or One who says follow Me and I will lead you home.
~Amy Grant

To the lonely,
To those who think it's passed you by,
Christmas has something for you.
I hope you sense the fragrance of love in the air,
And how much it is meant for you,
How much it is meant for every. one.
A King was born and died for us.
He is the Light of the world.
He knows you and I.
He never leaves us alone,
He walks beside us in the good times
And carries us in the bad times.
He was a man of sorrows when He walked the earth.
He knows your pain, too.
He is there for us always. Always.

This is the message of Christmas:
- We are never alone.  
~Taylor Caldwell

Season of white - A Birth that made men right

For the infant King - The angels sing

Of Peace and Truth and Light

Season of white

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