Friday, November 1, 2013

A Little Further On

A little further on ... fall continues to divert me. 
I crave her delicate leaves in beautiful arrangement,
And they are everywhere. 
The further on she goes,
I can't begin to tell you,
How her winds wake me up,
Out of listless passive dreams.
How her breath breathes,
A soothing balm to my soul.
How her leaves speak of heaven to me,
Like words whispered to my ears.

 She slowly and delicately transforms,
The green to the red,
The supple to the withered,
The full to the bare,
Spreading her magic as a fairy,
Casts her dust,
And the transformation is truly magical.

She transforms me, too,
For born-again I soon become and, 
The world seems new and alive.
A time of rebirth and kindling for a starving soul.
A little further on,
 I notice every little thing,
And all of it is beautiful to me.