Thursday, February 28, 2013

She Walks in Wind

If I were to have a Native American name, it would surely be Windwoman or maybe, She Walks In Wind. 

March was made for wind and I am ready for it. 
If I could lasso the wind, I would.
I'd have a wind garden and walk it every day.
I will never, ever tire of the wind.

These beautiful words, written by Ania from the Scieppan Blog, could be written for me:

"Though I plait and bind my hair,/ 
Alone I set it free/ 
For blowing in the wild wind,/ 
It's more a part of me./ 
And though I close and bind my soul,/ 
Alone I set it free:/ 
For wandering wild with the wind/ 
Is what I am to me."

Words used with permission - copyright Ania,  Scieppan