Sunday, November 11, 2012

Half Sick of Shadows, More or Less

For such a time as this, now more than ever, ...I am craving a simplicity more Thoreau-like than I ever imagined. The kind of simplicity that begs for little to no television (easy), and asks for less computer time (not so easy). To turn down the noise from outside sources whenever I want to,
and to turn them completely off if I choose.

 I am 'half-sick of shadows,' half-sick of the trappings and restrictions heaped upon us in the name of necessity and power. I expect more, and more is to be found in less... to live with less, or rather to live with more, my own free accord.

Stepping back to define your own boundaries is good, Thoreau did that, too, ...especially when so much else seems to be slipping out of your control. Take it back in your own way... I say, define for yourself what life means and how you will live it. It may be quite a journey through the noise,
but at the end peace awaits you.