Sunday, October 21, 2012

These Are My Sidewalks

"These are my sidewalks, they wound around the neighborhood, always led me straight and safely home," --Christine Dente, Becoming

For whatever reason, I am still considering on, I have randomly assigned names or characterizations to my neighborhood paths, walks, houses, nooks and crannies, as I walk.
Pathway to Bronte Moors (BronteFamilyorg)

There is the secret garden, that I've mentioned before, and a quiet row of houses a few streets away, where one house in particular makes me think of Poe. I can see him there in my daytime walks, walking the sidewalks at mid-night.

Near Poe's neighborhood are the moors, which is a plowed field that the neighbor's cattle roam in. At twilight the field is very moor-like, deserted and windy, if I plan it right.

A little to the south of the moors lie the woods or Walden, a long path of very tall trees near a river, where you can walk to your heart's desire. Above the tall trees, hawks ride the wind on stormy evenings, in no man's land, or you might call it fairyland. Winged creatures gather there often as the trees blow softly.

There is the Netherfield neighborhood where the finest homes in the area sit, though I've yet to find a Longbourn. In the same neighborhood is the Bronte Parsonage with it's own 'graveyard' on the left, (a lot converted into a Victorian garden with benches, stones, and statues that make it graveyard-like, just like the real Parsonage has.

Finally, there is a secluded row of homes on two parallel roads where I imagine Eponine might walk late at night to escape her dreary world. These are my sidewalks and I adore them.