Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Playing Fall Cards

Summer days are hibernating days for me because of my work schedule. My hibernation time has come to an end with the end of summer. Even while I mourn the end of these hibernation days for this year, I know good things, better things, are coming...the chill in the night air and the evening thunderstorms that come each night tell me fall will soon be here. The mountains are already playing the fall card...changing from their glorious summer purple to the wonderful and warm autumn shades a few weeks early this year, (usually this starts two weeks into September and is a rite of passage from one season to another).
So fall is almost here and I anticipate her with bated breath. I will play every fall card that I have;  
I vow to... 
...collect leaves for bouquets, walk more and wear jackets on my walks, drink hot chocolate and herbal tea, watch more sunsets, notice star changes in the sky, and make my evenings all about reading and writing. 

(May be a bit early for blowing leaves, but this is the first card I play)
"Blowing Leaves," by Arthur Rackham