Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For Once

"My little plane flies in a restless wind, ...let no current divert me, ...or be wrecked with turbulance. ...bring me to the gate, unscathed."
--Christine Dente, from, "Voyage"

Photo by David Arms
The ship is tossed, and moves on raging seas that wear white foam, distracting my view. Let me be still, ...for once. "Breathe, just breathe."
It's hard to do sometimes when the pace of the modern world moves so furiously you can barely stay afloat. Yet we do, and we know, it will get calm again. In the midst of the storms, we long for that elusive stillness that escapes the moment.

"Let me be still.
Shut my mouth.
I'm so quick to move,
instead of listening." 
--Watermark, from "Still."