Tuesday, March 20, 2012


You've heard of "Kickstarter." Well, this is "Catstarter." I want to buy my kitty this cat cave on etsy.

Photo by Vaivanat
The girl who hand makes them lives in Europe. I am starting this Catstarter "fundraiser" to raise funds increase sales in my shop for the cat cave. The cost is $64 dollars including shipping. My goal is to earn the 64 dollars through sales in my etsy shop in the next month, by April 20th.

So here is how Catstarter will work. If you like books / vintage / handmade items, go to my etsy shop and help this cause! Many items are 50% off right now in these "cat"egories!

Vintage Books (literature, kids, non-fiction, something for everyone!)
Vintage Merchandise
Handmade tags and cards, bookmarks, etc.

This post is all in fun, but if you really want to contribute by buying something, my kitty will thank you!
Drawing by Heather Simonsmeier - http://www.etsy.com/shop/xheather