Sunday, September 4, 2011

Regency Roads

I'd give almost anything right now for "50 miles of good road." With all the road construction going on lately, you realize you sometimes take good roads for granted, ...whether they are Regency roads, or not.

When the roads get put back together, I'll be grateful. For now, I'll trod them carefully, and with just a little angst that mine are not Regency ones with country paths for stretching with rests from the travel between Regency miles. Once again, born in the wrong era!

"It must be very agreeable 
for her to be settled within 
so easy a distance of 
her own family and friends."
"An easy distance, do you call it? 
It is nearly fifty miles."
"And what is fifty miles of good road? 
Little more than half a day's journey. 
Yes, I call it a very easy distance."

~~Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 32