Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Suggestions

I have five book credits with Paperback Swap.
I have been trying to find some great books to use them for, to no avail.
I would love some book suggestions so I can use them up.
If you have a great one, please let me know. Thanks!


  1. George MacDonald:

    Thomas Wingfold, Curate (1876) (republished as The Curate's Awakening)
    The Marquis of Lossie (1877) (republished asThe Marquis’ Secret)
    Paul Faber, Surgeon (1879) (republished asThe Lady's Confession)

    or Phantastes, which was his famous fantasy fairy tale that inspired many authors afterward, including C.S. Lewis

    I have all four in paperback format, so I know they're available out there. I think the top three are kinda connected, like a trilogy, so if you try MacDonald out, you may want to get the first one at the top before reading the other two.

  2. Awesome, I will check them out. I have not heard of any of those. I am also trying to get, "The Four Loves," (I think that was the one you mentioned before), but it's not available right now.
    I am not familiar with MacDonald at all, other than I've heard his name. So I need to read his biography to learn more.
    Thanks so much!

  3. So bummed, none of these are available at PS. But I intend to get them all eventually. I also took the one MacDonald book (The Light Princess) I had in my shop down so I can keep it. I am intrigued by him now. Appreciate the suggestion!

  4. Wonderful! I think you'll really like MacDonald. He has an exceptional mind and a haunting writing style. And he was admired by some of the greatest minds of the 20th century. He's probably one of the least known author geniuses of the 19th century.

  5. Some of the best ones slip into the unknown territory, somehow. Glad to have a new author to explore!

  6. I love your blog! I have a lot of books, always love to read!
    They are beautiful pictures on the blog!
    The last entry is not possible to comment?

    Mammka from Hungary

  7. Hi Mammka,
    Thanks for your nice comments.
    For now, I have taken comments off. Who knows it could change in the future.
    Thanks for visiting!

  8. It is difficult to suggest books to someone as obviously well read as you, but I think you might enjoy The Quincunx, by Charles Palliser, and if you haven't read New Grub Street, by George Gissing, that is a must.

    I am currently on a Thomas Hardy kick, so in that light, I would suggest anything by Hardy you haven't yet read.

  9. Umbratikus,

    I appreciate the suggestions. Thank you!

    I adore Thomas Hardy, -- The Mayor of Casterbridge is one of my very favorites, I love it.

  10. "The Quincunx" was available at Paperback Swap, so I got it. Look forward to reading it, thanks again.

    (I'll watch for "New Grub Street")