Friday, May 13, 2011

A Mouthful of Words and Syllables

Broonhilde. Jane. Earnest. Fitzwilliam. Anne, with an e.

Names. They are stuck with you for life. At least until you change them. They are only words, but important words, at that. Imagine a mouthful of words and syllables dedicated all to you. You want them to be good. So it is with children...and pets.

Naming a pet is like naming a child...well, almost. When we got our kitty almost 2 years ago, he was nearly called, "Winston," after Winston Churchill. Seriously. He had that name for two days, but the syllables just didn't come out right when you said it out loud.
A few other names were tried out before the name "Keeper" stuck. It's not for what you might think, although he is a keeper.

Emily Bronte had a dog named Keeper. A romantic name for a canine companion pet to one of the best writers in the English language - very fitting. I imagine him to be her keeper while she roamed those moors beyond the safety of her parsonage home. I couldn't help myself in copying her. So it went, the name fit, everyone liked it, and it now flows out as naturally as it was meant to. When the words and syllables come out just so, there is pleasure in knowing you got it just right.

Words are meant to be woven together like a beautiful tapestry, one stitch at a time.
If the stitch is not put in properly, it must be undone and tried again.
~Bookish Kind


  1. Love this post. I didn't know why kitty was named Keeper! I like it.

  2. He has lots of other names, too. They just come out in the moment!