Saturday, April 9, 2011

Post From London

I adore London, there's no getting around it. Walking it's streets on my own was a dream come true. I long to go back one day, but until then, maybe this can tide me over - post from London.

The sender will write you a quote or saying on a postcard, and send it directly from London.

Like Marianne Dashwood, you'll be checking the post every day, wondering if it's arrived yet.

I wonder if she takes quote requests. For instance, a quote by one of the Brontes, or maybe one of the Inklings, would be nice. Either way, what a treat for those of us who long to be across the pond.

Sadly, I never got the postcard I ordered :(
She sent another one and didn't get that one either! 

Photo by Missharry


  1. HOW COOL!!!!!!

    What a brilliant idea. So simple, but so fun. Thanks for sharing this link.

  2. Also, I enjoyed the couplet you wrote for the picture in the previous post. Nice!

  3. Yes, she may have an emerging cottage industry on her hands (for all the Anglophiles out there!)

    Thanks for your comments!