Friday, September 17, 2010

Old Ways Are Still the Best

It's time to pull out the fall clothes, which has always been a rite of passage, a sign of a season change, growing and moving on to a new thing. There is an old song by Sweethearts of the Rodeo that says, "The old ways are still the best and I cannot deny it." So true for many things, and I think it fits with fashion, too. Shall we say Victorian! These outfits are inspired from bygone era's, but are also modern enough that you wouldn't look like you were going to a costume ball, although there is nothing wrong with a ball, I long for a ball!
A pretty Ruche sweater ~simply stunning, very classic. You can go as far as you dare with your fashion, but I just love the simple classic look. Feel like you are in your rightful era, instead of born in the wrong one!

Photo credits~
Modern Victorian
Ryan Enn Hughes For The Globe and Mail

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