Saturday, July 10, 2010

Walking In Cemeteries

In the "Anne of Green Gables" series - in the book, "Anne of the Island," (if I remember right), Anne spends a lot of time walking in cemeteries. Or maybe I should say she walks in a cemetery.

Yesterday, I went walking in a cemetery...(I always find it charming, captivating, and a learning experience). The mark and history of individual souls written out like beacons, on heavy stone slabs. A few carefully chosen words that tell about a persons whole life. Sometimes they capture the whole life in one sentence, perfectly~

I could spend a whole day just reading headstones and listening to the stillness there.

The cemetery I went to had jackrabbits running around - and a caretaker was off in some nook and cranny, completely unaware of me, whistling a tune as he worked. There were old knobby trees that have seen many years, and lovely little sequestered benches.

Allowing me to step back to another time and place, while connecting past to present. Enchanting.

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