Monday, May 17, 2010

Scope for the Imagination

These pictures represent to me a place to be inspired, a place to be still, a scope for the imagination. What inspires you - What's your view?

Photo Credits:
Robert James Gordon "Woman Reading"
Fiona Mcleod "Frosty and Snowy Garden with Views to the Surrounding Countryside"
Shirley Braithwaite Hunt "English Cottage"
Alice Dalton Brown "Blues Come Through"
Victor Gabriel Gilbert


  1. In the picture with the ocean and the curtains, I can't help but think of the longing for happiness, for a good future, and ultimately, eternity (don't we all wish we could live forever?). We stare out at such things through the veils of our finite breath, our mortality, and we long to reach out beyond the curtains blowing in the wind and scoop up the water with out hands and just get a little sip of eternity.

  2. I get a lot of inspiration from antique art. There's so many paintings I'd love to live in. I like the first one you have, of the pretty lady. I'm also deeply inspired by movies, especially ones that are filmed with a sort of historic quietness to their ambiance. Still shots, light, details. Very inspirational. :)

  3. I so agree with art and movies! When done right, (Bright Star, Lark Rise to Candleford, P&P, etc), they can become part of your life.