Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anglophile's Cup of Tea

An "anglophile" is one who loves all things British. Anything to do with the UK will be posted on this page.

- Get world information from the BBC, or the Beeb, if you prefer

BRITCOMS - Learn about British television programs here.

UNION JACK NEWSPAPER -Go here to read the latest UK news

- A blog which posts a new photo from somewhere in London every day!


Bath 360

50 Reasons To Love England (what's yours?)

1. The accents
2. The history
3. The adorable men (yes, there are attractive men in Britain)
4. The BBC (what would we do without them?)
5. The literature (Austen, Bronte, Dickens, Hardy, Shakespeare, etc)
6. Hobb Nobbs
7. Fish and chips
8. The Royals
9. Britcoms
10. London
11. Wheetabix
12. The beautiful countryside
13. Tea and scones
14. The names of the cities and counties
15. The Victorian Era
16. The Regency Era
17. Ancestry
18. Princess Diana
18. Elizabeth 1
19. The castles
20. The moors
21. The way sentences are phrased
22. Driving on the wrong side of the road
23. Bath
24. The West End
25. Stonehenge
26. White Cliffs of Dover
27. The humour
28. Hyde Park
29. Double Decker buses
30. St Paul's Cathedral
31. Westminster Abbey (take the tour, its great!)
32. The Thames
33. City of Windsor/Windsor Castle
34. Hampton Court (make sure you hear the clock ring while your there)
35. Jane Austen's House
36. The Bronte Parsonage/Haworth
37. The Queen's Horses (you can actually see them as you drive on the road)
38.The Underground (takes us Brit-lovers all around town, quick & easy ;)
39. Cafe Diana (yummy food and a great price, too)
40. The London Eye (30 minutes over London)
41. B&B's (if you don't know what this is, you're not a true anglophile ;)
42. The British Library
43. Bangers & Mash
44. Thomas More
45. Kensington Palace
46. The Tower of London
47. Changing the Guard
48. Parliament; House of Lords, House of Commons
49. Big Ben
50. Full English Breakfast (yum!)

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