Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Fall

The very first leaf of fall.
I love how each glows from behind,
Though they are all the same first leaf.
A little halo, grounded by it's gentle journey.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Digesting New Words

 Just discovered some new-to-me words that I am still digesting. They are so wonderfully filling!

So delicate each leaf
So mighty your bough
Branches bend humbly
Yet strength be your vow
Waters in libation
Winds in embrace
Under your majesty
Beneath I in place
Seasons of change
Sun, moon a distant star
Listen I to all the secrets
Whispers near and far.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wee Hours

 I find the wee hours of the night to be my cup of tea. It's quiet. Walden Pond kind of quiet. You can think, and the only thing that stirs are the thoughts inside your own head.
On the contrary, the early hours of the day always catch up with me undesirably, unfortunately. They come too soon, and I always greet them with the annoyance of one who should know better, since she's squandered sleep to the wee ones.
Yet this cycle goes on, over and over, night after night. And dreadful morning after morning. I seek out the luxury and discipline of a good night's sleep with good intentions. Somehow, it rarely finds me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Look Up

 There is one last amazing frontier remaining, where new discoveries emerge constantly. It's not the tundra, and it's not the deep. Just look up, it's right there. Last night a dark dragon stood in the evening sky. Today a wide patch of blue forms a bluefish from the white, parting clouds. Tomorrow it will look very different. There might be colors on the horizon, or streaks of gray. The paintbrush will be dipped and refreshed with new paints and textures, constantly, -- layers of them. Leaving discoveries wide open to anyone who cares to trek the adventure. I almost hope for streaks of gray that just say September. Embrace September.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Some Glad Morning

I admit that I love music just a little bit more than I love books. My intent is not to combine the two together on this blog, for the most part, but with this CD by Cindy Morgan re-releasing and becoming available at Target, I wanted to re-post a review of the CD that I did for my music website when it originally released awhile back. It's a really great collection of songs and this new version also has songs on it not on the version I reviewed.

If you shop at Target, just go to their little music kiosk and you should be able to hear song samples there.

 "All this fear it binds me up and ties me to the floor
I wish I wouldn't answer when it's knocking on the door
There's not a sparrow falls to the ground
You don't turn your head to the sound
Pick it up so sweetly in your hand"

~~"Worry" by Cindy Morgan

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Regency Roads

I'd give almost anything right now for "50 miles of good road." With all the road construction going on lately, you realize you sometimes take good roads for granted, ...whether they are Regency roads, or not.

When the roads get put back together, I'll be grateful. For now, I'll trod them carefully, and with just a little angst that mine are not Regency ones with country paths for stretching with rests from the travel between Regency miles. Once again, born in the wrong era!

"It must be very agreeable 
for her to be settled within 
so easy a distance of 
her own family and friends."
"An easy distance, do you call it? 
It is nearly fifty miles."
"And what is fifty miles of good road? 
Little more than half a day's journey. 
Yes, I call it a very easy distance."

~~Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 32