Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Though the calendar may not agree...

When you see an elderly gentleman riding an old bike with a brown basket, carrying within it a little black dog, you know it's summer.

When the birds wake you in the early hours of morning with their singsong chatter, you know it's summer.

When the sound of a faraway lawnmower buzzes your ears like the bees buzz outside your door, you know it's summer.

When the days become lazier, you can do as you please, and on a whim you can walk outside and cut flowers for the taking, you know it's summer.

You wonder, here at the very start, what this summer will become. Right now, it's all wishes and dreams, but soon the wishes will take off and the dreams will land - like a fairyland just waiting to unleash it's magic on you. Dream on.

Photo by Arthur Rackham