Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Bliss

When I come across old books at a thrift store or tag sale, I calmly, (yeah right), walk over to check them out. Hoping the price on them is good, that the covers are interesting and unique--they usually are, and most importantly, it is a title I am especially interested in. This is pure bliss and I love every moment of scouring shelves and stacks for the perfect ones.
Oftentimes I find so many I am endeared to, I take them all, with barely a thought as to where they'll be stored, or displayed. Will they be mine -- or will I give them away, can I give a certain one up, will someone else love it as much as I do, etc.
Lately, I have been collecting my fair share.....and more! Sometimes, this is what "following your bliss" looks like~
Dozens of old friends sitting patiently on my desk. Each one chosen and brought home for good reasons. I am officially besotted with each and every one of them! Should you want to share in the spoils, please visit the bookshop, and take a lovely piece of history home with you.

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